Safety Reporting

Safety is a core value at Lynden Air Cargo and all levels of management are committed to operating safely. In order to continuously improve our processes and allow our organization to achieve the highest level of safety, all employees are expected to embrace this value and participate in the company's Safety Management System (SMS) through the Hazard Reporting process described here.

Lynden Air Cargo has developed a system for the submission of all safety related events. If any employee identifies a potential hazard or has a safety concern or suggestion, they are encouraged to immediately report the hazard. This proactive approach to hazard identification will help facilitate the effective management of safety risk by eliminating or mitigating the risk associated with potential hazards before an incident or accident occurs and promotes collaboration between employee work groups and management.

Safety related events, or incidents are also reported using the same system to help correct and prevent future occurrences. Once an event or incident has occurred reporting is mandatory by employees, for examples of mandatory reporting events please reference the LAC MSM Chapter 2 or the LAC SMS Manual. Reports will be investigated and analyzed to identify hazards and root causes; determine appropriate safety and/or operational improvements; monitor the effectiveness of corrective actions, and proactively promote employee awareness of potential problems.

Lynden Air Cargo has developed a system for the submission of fatigue reports in accordance with our Fatigue Risk Management Program. Lynden encourages Flight Crew Members to submit their concerns anytime they feel a fatigue issue exists. Reports will be investigated to determine any potential fatigue related risk, and use the information contained within the report in developing any required fatigue prevention measures. Fatigue reports may also be submitted confidentially.